Weight Loss Patches

Weight loss patches are a relatively new type of diet product, but in the time they have been available they have really proven themselves to be a safe and effective way of helping people to lose weight.

Advantages of Using a Weight Loss Patch

There are quite a few advantages of using a slimming patch over taking diet pills. Three main advantages of using a weight loss patch are:weight loss patch benefits

  • You don't have to remember to take diet pills the right number of times at the right time of day. Most of us live a busy lifestyle and it is easy to forget to put time aside just to take a diet pill. Just stick a patch on at the start of the day and forget about it while it helps you to lose weight.
  • When you take a diet pill, often the ingredients are broken up by stomach acids and destroyed so they never get to work. With a weight loss patch, thanks to trans-dermal technology the ingredients go straight into your bloodstream ready for transport around your body so more of the active ingredients are absorbed and used by your body.
  • Slimming patches can be safer. Because diet pill manufacturers know that some of the ingredients are simply destroyed in your digestive system, they respond by ramping up the dosage which in turn increases your risk of side effects.

Choosing A Weight Loss Patch

Picking a weight loss patch can be difficult. Whilst they all tend to work in the same way, by using through the skin delivery, they all contain different ingredients and therefore some are more effective or safer than others.

We decided to rank diet patches based on certain criteria.

  1. Is it effective? – We look at weight loss results to see if the top rated patches really work for weight loss.
  2. Is it safe? – There is no point at putting yourself at risk from dangerous side effects when some natural patches are completely safe.
  3. Is it expensive? Value for money is an important factor when it comes to choosing any slimming patch. Sometimes you pay for quality, while sometimes you can get a bargain.

Based on these factors we came to the conclusion that the top two weight loss patches are as follows:

* products judged based on a 5 star maximum rating *


Slim Diet Patch

Acai Patch
Value For Moneyfive star ratingfive star rating
Safetyfive star ratingfive star rating
Effectivenessfive star ratingfour star rating
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