Free Weight Loss Patches – Are They A Scam?

You may receive a surprising advertisement in the mail, or see an advert online offering a free pack of diet patches if you just give some details of where to send it. It seems like a great idea to get a free trial pack of a diet patch. You can see if it agrees with your body and if it works before you buy it.

Unfortunately, very few free trials are out there and most of the ones that do exist are nothing more than a scam to get your card or bank details and register you for a re-bill every month with higher and higher unwanted charges being billed to your account.

How Diet Patch Free Trials Work

scam alert“Get a free trial, just pay for P&P”: sound familiar? If so it can seem like a good deal, especially when postage is very little. So you hand over your billing details to pay for shipping to your door. This is the key point in the re-bill cycle, getting your billing details.

There will usually be small print, or terms and conditions to agree to which state that you are going to be billed every month for the full price of the patches. And that price is usually very inflated and high compared to one-time buying of a legitimate patch.

These unscrupulous retailers bank on the fact that most people don't read T&Cs. They hope that we will simply scroll past the small print and blindly click “accept”. And that happens more often than you would think.

Unfortunately, in some cases, there is no warning, no terms to accept, just an outright scam.

Outright Cons

Some free trials of this nature are total cons as they don't send the promised product out to you at all and instead, they pocket the small amount you paid for shipping. But even the shipping cost you pay will be more than it would actually cost to ship the patches to you.

You wait for the free diet patch to arrive but nothing ever does. The next thing you know the company's website has disappeared.

This sort of scam may seem unlikely given the small charge, but if they con enough people it becomes worth thousands to them.

How Not to Get Scammed

You can tell by the tone of this article that we really don't recommend taking up an offer of free trials of weight loss patches or any diet product. We don't want you to get conned and lose your money.

That's why we recommend buying a patch from a reputable company with a proven track record for delivering quality products.

This is a much better way for manufacturers and retailers of slimming patches to do business in my opinion. After all, you won't get a loyal or happy customer if you are set on scamming them.

It is important to buy from an established and trusted source. Our top-rated weight loss patch is from a company called Evolution Slimming which has been trading for over 15 years, so you can rest assured that they aren't going anywhere with your money and will deliver what they promise.

They sell many different brands of weight loss products including our top-rated diet patch and are trusted in their industry.

“Evolution Slimming has been providing customers with cutting edge weight loss products & supplements since 2007.

We are committed to providing our customers with the latest herbal products available on the market. We're cutting edge; always creating innovative products for our customers who see fantastic results.”

Best Diet Patch to Buy

We have looked at probably every weight loss patch available to buy online and in stores, and came to the conclusion that the SlimKick Patch is the number one patch available to buy because:

  • It is from a reputable retailer
  • You can buy just one pack or get huge discounts on multiple packs
  • There is no re-bill scam: you are in control
  • It is really effective at causing safe weight loss

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