Magnetic Weight Loss Patch Review

The new weight loss wonder product is a slimming patch with a magnet in it. Magnets are quite common in alternative health treatments but these patches are a new idea.
They are supposed to work by tapping into your (theoretical) meridian lines to realign them, or something like that.
You can probably tell I'm quite skeptical. I'm going to tell you why.

Do magnetic weight loss patches work?

I don't believe these patches work because there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support claims that a magnet attached to a patch can cause any kind of weight loss. Even though the makers of these patches say they can do all sorts of things from stopping fat from being absorbed to causing fat to drop off.

There is simply no explanation as to how a magnet attached to your arm could possibly block fat absorption in your digestive system. The makers don't give you any proof or explanation themselves.

What is the best alternative?

Magnetic weight loss patches are a fad. Thankfully they don't appear to be dangerous but it is clear to me that they are a total waste of money. Especially when there are diet patches out there that have the clinical proof behind them.

The Slim Diet Patch came out top in our research of weight loss patches. It is very easy to use and is all natural. The ingredients are time-released throughout the day to provide a constant stream of effective weight loss ingredients straight into your bloodstream

Due to the mechanism of being absorbed through your skin, the ingredients don't run the risk of being broken up by stomach acid. This means you get more of the ingredients into your body.

The key ingredient is Fucus vesiculosus, a seaweed extract that supports the thyroid gland so it can provide a metabolism boost.It also has appetite suppressing properties, and burns off fat.

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