Are Slimming Patches Safe? Or Do They Have Side Effects?

Slimming patches (also known as diet or weight loss patches) are a relatively new diet product that has taken the weight loss world by storm. This is because they are so much easier to use than diet pills. You don't need to remember to take a pill 3 times a day before meals, for example.

You just stick a patch on in the morning and forget about it. The ingredients go through your skin into your bloodstream, thus bypassing your stomach which can break down and destroy up to 80% of weight loss ingredients. That's why some people who have tried diet pills may find the product didn't work for them (either that or it was, unfortunately, a poor quality supplement).

It sounds good so far but concerns have been raised as to whether these patches are safe to use, or if they have dangerous side effects that are kept secret by manufacturers.

Are Diet Patches Safe?

Generally speaking, slimming patches are safe. In fact, if you pick the right product there is nothing to worry about as there will have been trials to test safety.

The only concern people have raised about quality slimming patches is that the stick-on nature of the patch may irritate very sensitive skins, but this is unlikely as the patch is like a band-aid.

Most manufacturers won't knowingly put out a diet patch that is dangerous. The exception to this rule is products like the “Size Zero Patch” who's makers claim you can lose 24lbs in 12 days.

This claim cannot be backed up with evidence, and even if you could lose that amount of weight in so few days, it would be an extremely dangerous rate of weight loss.

One person said of the Size Zero Patch:

Please don’t use the patches. I ended up in the emergency room dehydrated, bad urinary track infection and liver enzymes up”

It is also important to seek your doctor's advice before taking any diet product, herbal or otherwise. Especially if you are pregnant, under 18, nursing, have a medical condition, or are taking medication.

A few things to look for in a patch are:

  • Herbal or natural ingredients, which tend to be gentler on your body than strong drugs.
  • Transparency and honesty about what the patch actually contains. Some patches like Japanese mint patches (also known as the Himitsu or Mintlyfe patch) keep the ingredients list hidden.
  • Also, look for a money-back guarantee so if you do find you get side effects, you can get at least some of your money back.

What is the safest slimming patch?

You will be keen to avoid dangerous slimming patches like the Size Zero Patch, and you have actually come to the right place. Our site is dedicated to reviewing the best weight loss patches that are safe and effective.

Our top-rated, safe slimming patch is called the SlimKick Patch. Its key ingredient is an all-natural seaweed extract that offers a healthy rate of weight loss of 1-3 pounds a week without nasty side effects that you would get with other patches.

Because it doesn't contain lot's of caffeine or strong stimulants, you don't have to worry about getting side effects associated with stimulants such as shaking, nervousness or jitters.

It meets our main criteria for a safe diet patch including:

  • 100% natural ingredients so it is probably less likely to irritate or disagree with your body.

Click here for my full SlimKick Patch review

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