Vestige Slimming Patch Review – Does it Work? Ingredients and Claims

I'm a huge fan of slimming patches because they can be very effective for delivering weight loss ingredients into your bloodstream, bypassing your digestive system where they could have been broken down and rendered ineffective.

What I am not a fan of is the many scam weight loss patches that have been released to take advantage of dieters who think they are getting a good deal. It really pays to be wary.

Let's look at the Vestige slimming patch from India as an example.

This patch is reported to be 100% natural and effective for causing a whole host of benefits, including weight loss. One thing strikes me as strange though: there are claims circulating the internet that the Vestige diet patch can spot reduce fat when it is placed on a localized area because:

It is able to absorb the oil ions

I'm not sure exactly what is meant by “oil ions” but I know from research into slimming patches that you can't spot-reduce fat. In fact, you can't reduce fat in a target area through diet, exercise, or slimming pills either! I decided to investigate further.

Vestige Patch Ingredients

They were difficult to find but I eventually discovered that the Vestige patch contains the following ingredients :

  • vestige slimming patchPhyllostachys Pubescens

A bamboo extract is said to detox your body and improves circulation.

  • Black Haw

Thought to improve digestion and help to lower blood pressure.

  • Folium Senna

A laxative that also is said to detox your body.

I was a bit disappointed with the ingredients list because there is nothing that stands out as a well-known weight loss ingredient. I can't find proof that the laxative properties work when delivered through a patch either.

Even if the laxative ingredient could be delivered through patch form, it's not going to cause lasting or true weight loss. Instead, any movement you see on the scales would be down to water weight or your body's waste products.

Does the Vestige patch work for weight loss?

Although I can find many websites making big weight loss and health claims about this diet patch, I cannot find any evidence that it actually works, not even a single testimonial from a happy customer.

This fact, plus the lack of confidence in the ingredients means I cannot endorse this product or recommend it as a top-rated diet patch.

Best Vestige Patch Alternative

I believe the best alternative to the Vestige patch is a popular diet patch called the SlimKick Patch. It contains proven ingredients that have had studies done on them to prove they work for weight loss.

It helps promote a healthy and sustainable rate of weight loss without causing the nasty side effects you get with patches that have stimulants like caffeine and unproven ingredients in them.

They are also very affordable and you could say they are superior to diet pills in terms of absorption of ingredients. Special offers are on most of the time, with the buy multiple packs to get a discount offer being particularly popular.

Click here now for my full SlimKick Patch review


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