Zvelt Weight Loss Patch Review

A relative newcomer on the weight loss patch scene is the Zvelt patch.  When I first saw this I was left thinking “What's the catch?”

The ingredients seem good and they offer a free two-week supply when you pay shipping and handling of $7.95. It seems too good to be true really. And it is.

If you look in the small print at the bottom of the official page, enrolling for the two-week “free trial” puts you into an auto-ship program every 30 days where:

“The price is $59.95 + $7.95 S&H for a total of $67.90.”zvelt diet patch

If you know this fact and are happy to be re-billed automatically every month then so be it. I'd rather be in control of how many patches I bought and when.

That's why I like the SlimKick Patch. Not only is it my top-rated weight loss patch due to results, but it also puts you in total control over how many patches you buy and when.

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